Elena O'Neill's Illustration & Design

A few words of introduction about myself

I am an Art & Graphics A level student and I paint in my spare time. I don’t always get the chance to paint for fun as often as I would like as a lot of my time is taken up with my studies. I am particularly interested in abstract & botanical drawings but I like to experiment with a wide range of styles and techniques. I live in Wiltshire and I'm influenced by the countryside, nature and my surroundings. In more recent times I have started to explore the use of texture, abstract pieces and textiles. I will try anything new and love to experiment with different ideas and styles of art.

What made me decide to take up painting?

I have always been interested in art. I did a lot of drawing as a young child and just never stopped.

What training do I have?

I am completely self taught.

What has been my best creative achievement so far?

I took Art & Graphics at GCSE Level gaining A* in both, I was asked to design the Logo for a jewellery company in year eleven. I also get a lot of very positive feedback on my paintings from friends and family and often get asked by them to draw or paint their pets.

Who is my favourite artist?

Hard to say, i am influenced by many artists, including Georgia O'Keeffe, Andy Warhol, Andy Goldsworthy, Mucha, Makintosh, Matisse and many more.

What am I aiming for?

Mainly to keep improving my artwork but also to achieve good grades at A level so I can go on to study art at University.

How will I get there?

Hard work. Just keep practicing and experimenting with new technique and styles, but mostly hard work. I will try almost any style of art and hope to cover many more styles in the future.

From start to finish, how long does it take for me to create my work?

Most of my work is done really quickly. I work very fast, which is a good thing when trying to meet a deadline, and rarely takes me more than a couple of hours. It means that I can always stay focused, remain enthusiastic and never become bored of my work.

What feelings, subjects or concepts inspire me as a artist?

Nature is my main inspiration – flowers trees & animals. The shape of the land, memories, feelings music, the seasons, the coast. I sometimes look at other artists work to see how they have handled a certain subject. I take a lot of photos that I then use to inspire my paintings. I also love fashion and using colour in my work.

What do I think it takes to make a good a artist?

Practice, practice, practice.
You need to be willing to just try something new – if it doesn’t work it doesn’t matter.
Good powers of observation are very important too.